Civil War II #4(of 7) Review

RCO001_1469632304The ramifications of the last issue are felt here giving our heroes bigger motivations and reasoning for what they’re doing. There are many great scenes in this comic especially the Tony Stark one. Some of the actions done by Captain Marvel in this issue are questionable which is so hard to support when you’re on her side. It’s as if Carol was Trump and I would be his supporter. Trump would say something dumb and as his supporter it would be hard to defend the dude. The comic book was finally the issue to put things into motion especially with the last couple of pages. Again, David Marquez is a genius with his art and the the last scene looks awesome.

I’m surprised how good the pacing of the event is so far. Now, the problem with Bendis is that he can’t end a comic properly. In this issue we got another anti-climactic note to end off with. Don’t get me wrong, it was a cool looking last page, but it was a very “cool, but so what?” moment. Best explanation is he originally wrote the entire event in one go without keeping in mind he would have to separate this into multiple parts as independent chapters, but Bendis is a professional. He worked in this gig long enough to keep this in mind. It’s his second time in a row so knock it off.

About time, this issue necessarily progressed the story forward with great pacing. The art with no surprise was beautiful as always. There are no words needed to tell the story which is so great with Marquez’s art. You could get rid of all the letters and you still would understand what’s happening. He is the stand out of this event and combined with Bendis’ writing there is nowhere this story could go, but up.




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