The Flash #3 (2016) Review

RCO001_1469626826.jpgLike said in last issue’s review Williamson tries to put Flash familiar boots, but bigger ones than ever before. It tests Barry as what kind of person he is which is really what’s so cool about this series so far. His friend August is becoming one of my favorite characters in the new Flash comics so far because he is so damn likable. Right now there are even more side stories left to tell and each are introduced to the reader in a proper manner. Every time we move into a side story with Iris for example, I am not taken out because each moment has its importance to the story. The introduction of all the new characters is done brilliantly.

Variant Cover

If anyone has been following the review for this series you’ll know the art was my biggest gripe. It looked a bit wonky when focused more on characters, but this issue gets rid of that complaint with a stand out image of a character drawn astonishingly. The page takes place towards the of the comic so you’ll know exactly what I mean once you see it. Is the art amazing? Still no, but it is really beginning to complement the Flash. Speaking of Flash, Barry has a great, heartwarming scene. Alright, I’ve said too much. One complaint would be a lack of action since we haven’t gotten a proper action sequence for our Scarlet Speedster.

The advanced use of characters and all their stories never feel off within the context of what’s happening. Each storyline matters and feels like it’ll all tie in perfectly by the end of the next three issues. The plot is taking a very nice turn and Di Giandomenico’s art enhancement makes me feel more confident in the series as a whole.



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