Detective Comics #938 Review

RCO001_1470829095This comic series is an awesome blast! Tynion IV manged to make the issue an entire action sequence and not once did I get bored. I am not talking about the awesome moves or choreography, but the use of action. This series has a lot of it because the story requires it and not because it was forced. I always say how there are one or two characters which are the stand outs, but in this issue everyone is one. Each member of the Bat-family shines and the dialogue within the action  is great. Some writers have troubles with melding words and actions at the same time. It can come out unnatural or awkward when misused so, Tynion IV gets a huge thumbs up from me on that front.The comic opens in a way probably no one expected it to open, but it was an opening it needed.

The villain is great for this comic, the motivations are explained perfectly and again the stakes feel real within the world. The art of Martinez and Barrionuevo is just so good and the colorists Adriano Lucas and Brad Anderson work magic. “Why is there a pair of artists and colorists?” you ask? You will have to see for yourself. I know I said everyone is a standout, but I quickly wanna say Batwoman is great and my gut tells me she will have a huge role.

Detective Comics #938 is the action movie of the summer every fan of the genre should read. The action, back and forths between characters, stakes, motivations all work for the pros and seeing how every character gets their due in one issue is something not every writer can achieve.




  1. I am still surprised how completely I’ve fallen in love with Detective Comics!! You captured it perfectly. It is such an amazing series. I was excited to see you reviewed the latest issue! And now, I kind of want to go back and reread it…

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