Wonder Woman #4 (2016) Review

RCO001_1470829168.jpgThe 2nd chapter of the Year One story is very familiar, but the way it’s handled is very new. The writer put care and thought behind every detail taking place in the story if it’s the meaning behind a design of armor or a reason why must an Amazon travel the world of men. It’s a proper modern reimagining of the Wonder Woman Year One tale. The way the Amazons react to the crash landing of Steve Trevor is well orchestrated. Nicola Scott’s art is brilliant and before the huge contests of the Amazons Diana gets a panel in silence, but with many words. I guess I’ll just show you in the page below so if you don’t wanna see it scroll away. It’s so great to see how everything came to be and how the story progressed in a perfect pace.

Diana worrying for Steve

I can’t really think of anything considerable of a cirticism in this issue. One possible negative would be the overdone humor which didn’t really take me away from what’s at play that much. For people interested in Wonder Woman just now, lazy of going back, reading the history of the character, the even issues is what my recommendation should be. But for your sake go back, read some runs of Wonder Woman especially the one by Brian Azzerello that I won’t shut up about. And that you can also keep up with the story line in the odd numbered comics.

Wonder Woman #4 walks familiar steps, but it’s the execution that deserves the praise. Greg Rucka clearly knows what he’s doing with Diana and Nicola Scott is a one of a kind artists not to mention the top notch coloring. This comic book packs all the goodies into one basket.






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