The Flash #2 (2016) Review

RCO001_1468415239The Flash #2 was another chapter 2 storyline that was better than its chapter 1 counterpart. This is a very fun story to follow with cool action and revelations. Flash is going to be taking on a very new role in thus upcoming story arc or I should say a role we haven’t seen him do in a very very long time. August turns out to be a very cool character with a stand out moment. Iris West is also useful unlike the Flash TV series where she just stands around pretending to matter.

Speaking of Iris she looked like a man in some scenes and that’s because of the art. The art is very okay, seems very…trying to avoid disfigured so I’ll say sometimes out of place. One side of the face is bigger than the other side of the face. The art isn’t perfect but it works on more grandiose panels that aren’t so up close on humans. More cons in the spoiler talk beneath my ranking.

Overall, The Flash #2 is a strong story with more promise in the future and maybe the art isn’t what I would like it to be, it manages to work at times. The characters all have great potentials and we’ll continue seeing Barry in a bigger role which excites me as a Flash fan.



  • I love the part when August just knows Barry is the Flash. It just makes sense. He is a detective and he “knows” Barry for so long that a change in clothing won’t create this stereotypical trope in comics that we usually get
  • In the end we see the whole Central City being affected by the Speed Force. I wonder if we really need more speedsters in the Flash side of the universe, but like said in the review it’s going to be very exciting seeing Flash mentoring all these people.


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