Action Comics #961 Review

RCO001_1470829094Action Comics #961 continues the story of fighting Doomsday and although this shtick is getting old the issue does finally further the plot. The short scene in Metropolis was awesome and gets me excited while the main plot is starting to give answers we want. Stephen Segovia is the real standout of this issue with his beautiful penciling that stays consistent with the previous two artists and brings something new to the table. The last artist did not impress me so I might be saying this because of the low standard. Speaking of art Clay Mann, Sonia O’Back with Dan Jurgens worked on the fantastic cover which should not be missed out from this review.

Batman v Superman all over again!

Superman and Lois have a heartfelt moment and the way Lois speaks alone makes you understand the struggle she is going through. The stakes are still going high and strong, while Jonathan also gets in some awesome scenes. The ending is really cool, but I wished we got the answers sooner because now, I’m worried the final issue of the story will feel bloated.

In conclusion, Action Comics #961 is packed with stand out moments, especially the ones in the city, but it is still missing the perfect delivery it needs. Although the art is massively improving and answers are coming forth, the story seems to be dragging a bit.




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