Wonder Woman #3 (2016) Review

RCO001_1469613093Wonder Woman encounters Cheetah and it’s a heck of an encounter. The scenes these two share are phenomenal and you can see Rucka understands the relationship between the two. Seriously if for some weird reason you’re on the verge of reading this story arc I recommend reading at least this issue. Cheetah is a deeper character than she has every been in my opinion. Geoff Johns had his take on her and this issue alone beats that, and when you’re beating my favorite writer at something, you’ve done it. At first I didn’t like her new redesign, but after seeing it in context with the story I totally am on board with it. It’s also a more realistic throwback to the classic Cheetah design. Greg Rucka also throws in his 2 cents about what makes women so different from men. It’s a nice little touch.

The art by Liam Sharp is once again beautiful and the coloring is still okay in this. The other side-plot is leading itself in a good way, maybe a bit unnecessary for now, but it will most likely come full circle. In actuality it is already showing to hold some relevance to the main plot. It is more interesting than presented last issue, but still needs to hook me in. There is a one page drawn where two characters look like they are mating and you’ll know what scene I am referring to. Not a con, just a thing I thought it would be funny to mention.

The second chapter in the The Lies story arc impressed me a lot. The relationship between the two characters shows how complicated it is. It’s also the highlight and a surprise of this issue. Art continues to dominate especially with the face expressions although coloring still needs some work. The side-plot is not as entertaining, but it picked up from last time suggesting this is just the beginning. Overall, a vast improvement from something that was already good.




  1. I tried the Rebirth #1 issue of Wonder Woman really wanting to like it. I’ve never read her before and I wanted to get a little comic book knowledge of the character before her movie hits next year. The issue didn’t really grab me…but perhaps that’s because I have never read her so the conversation on all the mixing continuity couldn’t really land for me. You have me really thinking of picking this up and giving it a try again when I hit the comic store tomorrow!

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  2. Awesome! DC is doing something different with Wonder Woman than any other hero. Her odd numbered issues will be the present and the even numbered issues will be a different storyline taking time in the past called Year One (so her origins). So if I were you I would for sure pick up Year One. If you want my opinion I loved the Brian Azzerello run of New 52. I believe it’s Vol. 1- Vol. 6 long. Anyone can pick it up and love it.

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  3. Maybe I’ll start there, and then I can jump into her Rebirth stuff when the first trade paperback rolls around. Then I can appreciate the character! I appreciate your insight too – Wonder Woman’s a character I’ve always been interested in but I’ve always been unsure where exactly to start.

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  4. Definitely start with Brian Azzerello’s run, but as soon as his run is over stop reading because some other wirter jumps on to Wonder Woman and the writing isn’t as good. So when you’re done with Azzerello skip to Rebirth. Glad I can help!

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