The Flash #1 (2016) Review

RCO001_1466648121I wasn’t expecting much with this one, I mean look at the cover. The art alone looks very sloppy, the way the writer was describing the series painted out a picture that screamed, “OVERDONE!!!”. It didn’t need to do a lot to impress me and guess what? The comic book delivered with its natural dialogue, and the art, although could be better, it works for how it is intended to. As a #1 it has a job of setting things up which it did just that so. The interior art is also better looking than on the cover.

It’s a very fun story, but my one gripe would be Barry’s new friend, August who apparently is a very close acquaintance when he was never prominent or present for that matter in past Flash stories. It’s kind of like the film The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) which introduced Harry Osborn as Peter’s best friend, but the last time the two saw each other was when they were kids. Other than that there is nothing to hate and the story is moving forward very nicely. I thought the plot was becoming stereotypical towards the end, but it took a nice unexpected turn.


The new Flash series has a potential of being something new and exciting for DC. The groundwork done here is shown and although the art may not be my favorite it will do. Things seem to be only going up from here.




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