Civil War II #3(of 7) Review

RCO001_1468417324Last issue of Civil War II was a huge step down from the first issue which worried me for the future of this event. This issue was here to tell me there shouldn’t be such worry. Thankfully, Civil War II #3 brought the series back to life with something crazy happening. What issue #1 had and #2 lacked was the emotion and tension between the characters. What I mean by that is you weren’t sure what was going to happen even if it’s just a scene with two characters talking. Last chapter had 2-3 scenes and so did this one, but what this issue did unlike the other was utilize the moments to its fullest potential. The stakes were high and even if the cover already suggests what might happen the reader is still left unknowing of the future events. The comic plays out beautifully and the art makes it seem bigger than it is. Something crazy happens and one of my favorite characters has a huge and pivotal moment (spoiler talk under my rating). 

A clear negative would be the cliffhanger. Seriously? It ended just like that? It was a very anticlimactic ending. My one worry is if this issue will actually have anything to do with the Civil War itself. This does play into the conflict, but was it really that needed? In the end I do believe it will affect the bigger storyline, but it’s just a thought.

So the third issue brought the punch it needed to keep me invested for the rest of the event. It proved that Bendis was not going to allow this to be such a lazy event. Some will criticize the way things came to an end, but there was a lot of fun to be had here.



  • Hawkeye killed Bruce!!! NOT! So, the comic book makes it seem like he killed him, but in reality we never saw Clint shoot. We also never got to see Clint Barton when Bruce was giving him the arrow (flashback sequence). I believe Hawkeye was there when the plan was being talked over to take the blame, but there was someone else who killed him. My theory.
  • Everyone is upset at the “Clint killing Hulk” situation that everyone is forgetting Beast hacked into Bruce Banner’s lab/computers.  I’m pretty sure hacking is illegal without authorization. Just something I realized.


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