Wonder Woman #2 (2016) Review

RCO001_1468399355It has been known to many that thanks to the twice a month shipping at DC, Wonder Woman would have the most interesting technique. The odd numbered issues would tell a story in the present, while the even ones would contain another one in the past. This comic is the first chapter to the entire new Year One Wonder Woman tale. Let me begin by saying Nicola Scott’s art is gorgeous and crisp while the coloring done by Romulo Fajardo Jr. works. The colors also fit in to the world naturally by not being too dim. If DC could, Fajardo should also get to color the odd numbered issues as that was one of the cons in my Wonder Woman #1 (2016) Review. There are many nice, peaceful moments in the comic book which are fine. The heart felt moments work and yes, no action here, but you don’t realize that until you actually sit down and think about it.

Diana and her mother, Hippolyta

The pace of the comic was not confusing, but rather out of nowhere in this one. Scenes would progress nicely but it isn’t until when a lot of times there would be time jumps. Those time jumps would just happen and again it wasn’t anything disrupting, but just off-putting. Another thing that takes you out is the amount of names thrown at you. Not that big of a deal, but hopefully later as the story progresses I am not expected to remember all these characters no one ever heard about

It’s very nice seeing a Wonder Woman origin story being told on the character’s 75th anniversary. I hope some new ideas would come through because all so far feels similar and the description to the next chapter doesn’t seem all that unpredictable either. Having this said it has many fresh takes that bring some originality into this Year One along by being a visual spectacle.






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