Wonder Woman #1 (2016) Review

RCO001_1466649993Diana of Themyscira is out to find the truth and to do so she must go visit her past. Not literally, but she’s going to travel to places of the past to find answers. There was this huge excitement from Greg Rucka when he was announced as the returning wirter for Wonder Woman. I never read his previous work, but the excitement of others made it easier to dip my toe into the water. After reading this I was satisfied. Wonder Woman is interesting because she is such an iconic character yet every writer wants to change her and make her more popular. Rucka takes the advantage of this and actually makes it a part of her story. Her origin changed a lot, now she has a brother (which you can read about here: Wonder Woman’s Twin Brother REVEALED!!! – Comic Theory). Ask me, it’s a very smart way of moving the character.

Liam Sharp’s art is very breathtaking to look at, but the colorist does not due it justice. The colorist Laura Martin’s choice of colors is very dim and doesn’t feel right. Have you ever seen a picture of a rain forest? The green is much brighter and it’s not just the plants that look too dark, but entire comic. So yes, the art is very nice, but there is one specific design of a character I am not a fan of (we see the design at the end).


Wonder Woman #1 (2016) is a fine story that takes the character in a new direction that also feels inherent to Diana’s progression . Wonder Woman seeks many questions to answer which is so interesting to see in a 75 year old character. It turns out after all this time maybe we don’t know Wonder Woman for who she really is. Does this story need to be as good as Brian Azerello’s New 52 take on the Amazon Princess? No, but if it can be a good story it’s all I will need.




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