Civil War II #2(of 7) Review

RCO001_1465997437Civil War II #2 was something I was scared of happening. In my previous Civil War II #1(of 7) Review I mentioned Bendis’ history on delivering stories with fairly good and sometimes great beginnings with bad, okay or just disappointing endings. This isn’t an ending which worries me and here is why I thought this issue dropped down in quality. Firstly, last issue was really good so I get why this might be a bit less to it’s previous part, but not that low. The entire comic was just 2-3 scenes and I love comics that utilize this to focus on details of a scene, make it more intense, or hold more meaning. This was not that. To be honest the scenes did progress the story, but they didn’t have anything to hook you in a little bit more. Anyone would think if a writer chooses to only have 3 scenes in a comic they would try to make them the most interesting scenes in your life. If this was a good comic there wouldn’t be a ‘only 2-3 scenes’ complaint at all. I wasn’t as emotionally hooked as before which sucks and I hope this changes in the next issue. There is also a decision by the end of the comic that Carol makes which really annoys me and I’m starting to switch to Team Stark, but not yet. I realized motivations of Carol are more emotionally driven while Stark is really caring for the future of all and trying to look at the statistics of it all. 

Many would complain Carol is out of character, but I would say she was out of character since she made the transition from Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel. It’s like she became a completely different human being. I feel like everyone in this issue is acting too irrational than they need to be especially the two big characters of this event. Now, there are many redeeming factors here. The dialogue sometimes leaves me cracking a smile and the way everyone is involved is very smart. The art continues to be the best thing about the series so far and the color artist Justin Ponsor! Oh man! I forgot to mention how his use of colors is very smart and brilliant. The two elements melt together like a marshmallow on a S’more.

This issue might have been a huge step down from the first because of the scenes that lacked with much bigger potential, but thankfully we get some hidden gems in there along with beautifully melded art and colors. Those two things are the truly redeeming factors of the comic and here are my hopes the next issue improves.




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