Civil War II #1(of 7) Review

Civil-War-II-1-Cover-2cedeAnother event written by Brian Michael Bendis that is bound to get a ton of hate from people. I must admit hesitation was an emotion present for me before reading the very first issue of Civil War 2, because Age of Ultron (2013)(at least the movie was good) was one of the worst Marvel events of all time, written by Bendis himself. It didn’t help the comic it was a sequel to an okay original (at least the movie was amazing). So I open the comic, read it and it turns out it is really good. This was setting up everything important to come in the near future (pun intended). So to paint a picture an Inhuman, Ulysses pops out. He has the power to see the future, Captain Marvel wants to use him in order to stop criminals from committing crimes and putting them in jail. Tony Stark is all against that act.
This issue was great in a sense it set-up everyone’s feelings, beliefs and motivations. On top of that it’s a very emotional comic book and that adds another level to the story. The first Civil War’s story was more politically driven and that’s fine, but I want a bit more from characters that know each other so well. At this time Team Cap is the team I think is proper. Why wouldn’t we stop people from committing crimes or hurting others if we could? Now the biggest pro this story can get is its art by David Marquez. Marvel went out to get a perfect artist for this event that is able to pencil beautiful huge and epic panels, yet can covey emotion and comprehend the smaller more personal feels.

Now we go to the negatives. The things that worked in the first Civil War was the rivalry between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark because they were not only two different people with really strong opposing opinions, but also people who had history, people who are friends, people who don’t wanna fight each other, but must. Captain Marvel and Iron Man do not not know each other. Bendis did a great job setting things in stone, but he put one line in Carol’s mouth towards the end she shouldn’t have said. She said something only close people would say to each other. If Steve Rogers was in conflict instead of Cap I would understand where the line came from, but Stark’s and Danvers’ relationship is not very strong. Stop trying to make it feel like these two characters have a powerful past when they clearly don’t. That is just one negative I had about this comic, but now a talent would be to keep this up. Bendis has a history of delivering great beginnings, but horrible endings. Case in point, All-New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Avengers vs. X-Men (with an okay ending), etc.

The great set-up Brian Michael Bendis is creating with clear and strong motivations will make this to be a real battle. The stunning art is already proving itself to have no obstacle when it comes to tackling any story structure. The weird use of dialogue between Captain Marvel and Tony Stark is here, but minimal enough to brush it off.





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