Detective Comics #937 Review

RCO001_1469608339Just like the cover suggests Detective Comics #937 is a Batman centered story. We see what’s next for the Dark Knight after the revelation from the last issue. This comic book had to follow up the excitement of the last issue so I knew it wouldn’t be as good, but it still held its own. The way Tynion IV decides to move with the pace is probably why it is so great. It is probably also the reason why there are well timed answers and unanswered questions remaining. The answers we do get are told to us in a very cool yet informative way. The beautiful looking colors and pencils stay form the list issue, but I still would have preferred the ones from the first two issues of the story arc. The ending is great setting up what will come next time. I can’t wait to see the developments that are bound to happen.

Have you ever watched, read or played something and asked, “Hey, that never existed before?” It happens here and is too convenient for the story. I am feeling this comic is planting seeds for the threat coming in the 2nd story arc of Detective Comics (2016), but my problem is who that threat will be. I will talk about the spoiler under my final score.

Variant Cover

Very progressive story unraveling things at a suiting pace. Not too quick, not too slow. Art, writing, and coloring all prevail here. There is a conveniently placed concept that was never introduced in the Batman lore until now, but that is easily ignorable with all the pros mentioned.



  • So the new arising threat is League of Shadows (not to be confused with well existing League of Assassins) that is in secret so, yes another secret organization that Batman never heard of before and things like that only work once
  • Move over Court of Owls!!!!


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