Detective Comics #936 Review

RCO001_1468400177Detective Comics continues and it doesn’t disappoint (looking at you Superman)! First of all, the stakes set-up in this are really high. This new army called the Colony is very dangerous and they make that pretty clear at the beginning of the issue. Clayface continues being one of the best characters in this series for obvious reasons that I will leave it for you to figure out why. Another character that I wanted more of was Orphan. It’s like Tynion IV knew the readers would be clamoring for more Orphan which we got and it was really awesome. The issue focuses less on Batman than any other character, but it manages to be more interesting than the previous issues. Batwoman has a nice story arc going on that helps the story move forward. The twist at the end was really well done and definitely unpredictable.

Despite the change in art and color both still manage to be really good. The absence of the previous colorist and artist is not impacted in this comic, but a little bit felt. I am very interested in what’s going to happen next along with what decisions the characters will make. I also wanna point out the cover is very clever (the main cover).

Variant cover

Detective Comics #936 continues to elevate the series to higher grounds. What started off as a fun Fast & Furious of comic books turns into a legit story with very good twists, stakes, and unpredictability.

Screenshot_2016-08-01-12-01-30 (2)



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