Superman #4 (2016) Review

RCO001_1470217594When I started reading Superman #4 I couldn’t be more surprised than ever before. Issue 4 was a complete chaotic mess. The tone is a complete inconsistent shift, the promised emotional pay-off of Jonathan has not translated from the end of last issue onto this one, and the story is totally all over the place. The issue decides to be more action packed which is weird because the past three issues were more story driven, but that is not the issue. The big problem was how senselessly everything was happening for no reason. There are also these side characters here that are very disruptively thrown into the comic. You could make the same argument about Krypto’s last issue’s random appearance, but the difference here is that these characters are very distracting not only adding nothing to the story, but also being completely useless. I was ready to call this series the best thing to come out of DC Rebirth, but it somehow dropped the ball here. I cannot believe what was happening.

Even the art was very poorly drawn in this issue looking very shaky. The scene I will talk about is from the very beginning of the issue and is obvious to happen so it’s not a spoiler (it’s on the cover). The scene below is just one example of characters looking very poorly. You can see Lois drawn laughing when she should be doing the opposite of that. Jon looks like a disfigured troll. There is a one small pay-off in the comic book, but it is only at the very beginning. I should also mention there are moments when the comic decides to say, “Screw logic!” that I will write more in depth under my score with spoilers.

Panels 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7 are very hard to look at

I was really thinking this could not be happening. I was wondering to myself, “How come a series so good decided to screw up so easily?” It’s a jumbled mess if it comes down to tone, character motivations, art, and unnecessary, distracting characters. The thing that manages to keep this thing alive is the coloring, and lettering. Very disappointed in what Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason didn’t accomplish here. Just when I started warming up to the writer.



  • (In the page above you see) Why is Lois giving Jonathan a pointless pep talk? He’s just angry and wants to kill a robot, which is what they wanna do
  • There is a moment when Jonathan grabs a cape and attaches it to his clothing with heat vision like it’s some kind of metal and not cloth that it is (screw logic)
  • There are way more and much bigger kryptonite pieces in the world, why would they teleport to a one that happens to be in Metropolis and is very small?
  • Also how the hell did they teleport to Metropolis?
  • There are moments when the Kryptonian souls corrupt other people then Superman speaks with the souls….WHAT?!?!!
  • Eradicator is prefectly fine looking after we see him get demolshed by Superman’s and Jon’s punch
  • Conveniently Superman sees a small sub-marine pod


  1. I’m a Marvel guy through and through but I’ve been intrigued by and sampling the DC Rebirth stuff. I was eager to read Superman, having loved him as a kid and read him through the whole death/return thing. (I even remember him being two read and blue energy beings…) But I just can’t grab on to the series…and I feel what you’re saying here. I want to love it! But other titles are just more exciting to me.

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  2. Wow! That’s a really long time you’ve been a Superman reader. I’m glad you agree with me. I was actually expecting the opposite reaction since I was “hating” on Superman, but I’m glad I won’t die today.

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  3. Hahaha, no, actually I stopped reading Superman around the red/blue energy times and saw none of the New 52. I was excited for his Rebirth but, like I said, I’m with you for being a bit disappointed. So you fear no hatred from me :).



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