Detective Comics #935 Review

RCO001_1466586084It’s on the cover! And that means I can talk about it! So in the cover we see an army of Batman/Arkham Knight look alikes. It’s basically a some sort of Batman army which like I said in the last review isn’t anything new in storytelling, but didn’t stop last issue’s comic to be really good and it certainly won’t stop this from being good either. They’re called the Colony. Into the issue we go.

There is a very awesome opening scene in the comic where Batwoman trains the team in a very creative way that tests Clayface’s abilities. She flames the team pretty well after they’re done. Batwoman is such a hard ass and I love her for it. She basically does all the mentoring while Batman does Batman stuff. Although Clayface yet again happens to be the highlight of this comic Tim Drake has strong interactions with Batman and Spoiler. Orphan has a nice scene thrown in there, but we do not get enough of her. I want more Orphan! The comic ends in a way that set-ups a huge confrontation with the Colony, but I won’t say with whom!

I was wondering why the comic looked so visually astounding and it is obviously thanks to the artist Eddy Barrows, but most of the reason why this comic looks so visually amazing is because of the colorist Adriano Lucas. Colorists are usually the most underrated job when it comes to comics even more than inking and lettering. It is your job as a colorist to recognize which colors will complement the comic and which ones won’t. It’s a difficult job and I will now remember the name of the person responsible for panels such as the one above you see how Batwoman looks like a painting that stands out from the rest of the panel, but somehow makes it feel richer. I mean look at the shadow in the panel below. The shadow alone deserves an Eisner award. The best part is that the visual affects continue throughout the entire comic.

The continuation of the fun style of the comic, beautiful art and color all in the end meet up to give out a product worth everyone’s penny. The character moments are used really well and maybe this isn’t a masterpiece James Tynion IV is a master of good pace. I would call this the Fast and Furious of comic books, a blast for everyone even if you don’t read comics. This will be one of the series that has a highlight in each issue and I can’t wait to see what happens next.





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