Beast Boy vs. Hulkling – Marvel vs. DC #30

Hello, Comic Booger readers! Today we will continue with Marvel vs. DC battles, but we’ll stop with the narrative take on the series and go back to more analytic style.

Origin: Beast Boy

The secret organization N.O.W.H.E.R.E kidnapped Garfield Logan and activated his metagene giving him the powers to turn into any animal he desired. Garfield Logan took on the name Beast Boy to fight evil.

1st Appearance: Nov. 1965


  • Identity: Beast Boy
  • Alter Ego: Garfield Logan, Changeling
  • Occupation(s): None
  • Team Affiliations: Doom Patrol, Ravengers, Teen Titans

Origin: Hulkling

Half-Skrull, half-Kree, Teddy was raised as human and took on the name Hulkling when he joined the team Young Avengers due to his powers.

1st Appearence: April 2005
  • Identity: Hulkling
  • Alter Ego: Dorrek VIII/Theodore Altman
  • Occupation(s): None
  • Team Affiliations: Young Avengers, New Avengers, A.I.M.

Powers & Abilities: Beast Boy

  • Above Average Strength
  • Above Average Speed
  • Above Average Endurance – fall from great heights
  • Shapeshifting – change into any animal he desires (includes extinct or alien)

Powers & Abilities: Hulkling

  • Super Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Shapeshifting
  • Subconscious Metamorphic Adaptation
  • Healing


Alright like I said we are ditching my ‘scripted battles’ and going back to a formula which just analyzes the characters. So, who would win in a fight? Let’s start with strength as Beast Boy is capable of breaking a sea navigation belt in half with just one punch, but Hulkling inherited the strength of Captain Marvel. That’s right, he inherited the power and if you know anything about Captain Marvel it’s not news to you when I say his strength can destroy more than just a sea navigation belt. You can say that Beast Boy could turn into a gorilla or stronger, a T-Rex to combat the strength of the Hulkling, but it still wouldn’t match. Beast Boy would survive such strong punch, but he would get injured critically. When it comes to speed Beast Boy in his regular form can dodge bullets and laser beams and on top of that he could turn into a cheetah/hawk or another fast animal. Beast Boy would definitely rule out Hulkling in this situation because Teddy doesn’t posses any super speed abilities. Hulkling does have shapeshifting powers, but they don not go to the same extent as Beast Boy’s. 

Before my research I thought Beast Boy would be the clear winner having a much more diverse range of powers, but in the end it is Hulkling that would really win. Hear me out! Imagine the most powerful animal Beast Boy could turn into that inhabited Earth, the attack would not hurt Hulkling for long. If you thought about T-Rex/Rhino’s strong hit, Hulkling has the ability of subconscious metamorphic adaptation. This ability has Hulkling’s body organs adapt automatically in the best way to avoid any internal damage. He not only has that, but also the stamina, durability and endurance he inherited from the Kree, Captain Marvel. His shapeshifting could also give him armored skin for protection from Garfield’s strength. What if instead you thought of a poisonous snake? Hulkling has instant healing that would take care of that problem. Almost anything Garfield would throw at Hulkling would leave him unphased or barely damaged. An attack that would truly have to knock out Teddy would have to be well prepared and even with preparation it’s unknown if the attack would really do the trick.

So with Hulkling’s strength that would sincerely damage Beast Boy, durability that would protect him from Beast Boy, shapeshifting (hard skin) that would protect him from Beast Boy, subconscious metamorphic adaptation that would protect him from Beast Boy, and healing that would protect him from Beast Boy you can see why he would win. Hulkling could go all day.


Enjoyed this great battle? There are more in the “Marvel vs. DC Archive” at the menu bar. Also tell me if you agree or disagree with my judgment and how your version would play out in the comments. Next week expect the battle of 2 mind illusion masters.




  1. If BB can transform into any animal (earth bound, extinct, or alien) Humans are animals so why couldn’t he just transform in an alien equivalent to a human ex. a Kryptonian which is also an animal lifeform and because BB has been exposed to earths sun since birth he would be as strong as a teenage superman. Even a teenage superman can f*ck up the Hulk.



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