Batman #4 (2016) Review

RCO001_1470217183Batman #4 was the part that crap finally started to go down! To keep it spoiler free, as always Batman finds himself  in situations that are far beyond his capability which sounds crazy for a character like Batman that usually always has a solution for every problem. This issue tests Batman, it tests his every ability. You will find yourself reading a great opening sequence that I was a huge fan of. One of the characters in this comic goes through a lot of Bat-shit crazy stuff (see what I did there) changing a lot of things at play here. If you thought this issue had so much happening you can also expect that to be the case next issue.

Tom King is a writer very competent of showing how capable he is of tackling any character he wants. His Batman run so far is very good, but one criticism I had with him is the lack of clarity he wrote in this issue. I usually have easy time reading stories that don’t beat you over the head with explanations that allow the reader to understand what is happening. This issue wasn’t really that clear with what was going on. Not talking about Finch’s clear art, but the way the characters were talking in was a bit confusing. I had to read the comic book twice to figure out what the characters meant when they were saying something. There is one scene where someone says something happened in the past, when it doesn’t actually happen until the possible future. This was a first from Tom King so I hope it won’t become a common.

So basically Batman #4 is a good story, but it isn’t until you read it twice or think it about it hard that you truly start to appreciate it. Some would say that’s a pro, but I don’t see how misleading lines should be really considered as a good thing. I should enjoy myself when I am reading a comic book and not trying to figure out what is happening.




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