Aquaman #4 (2016) Review

RCO001_1470235500Aquaman #4 was the acceleration this comic book needed. We see what’s happening from every side and all the things at play here. Aquaman was taken in last issue by the US government because the Atlantean people presumably attacked an American ship. The comic has a very great pace with a smart build up to a very eventful ending. There is a perfect balance of unanswered and answered questions. Last issues were good enough, but were missing any new innovative story-telling for this character.  In this issue we see more of a political side of Aquaman which is executed very well by Abnett. We have some levity added in and it works without trying hard. You can understand the struggles of both humans and Atlanteans while Mera is the definite highlight of the comic book. All of her scenes are not only important, but also the crown takers (Get it? Aquaman’s a king?…… I’ll stop).

Now the negatives. The first 2 issues were pointless to the conflict  at play here. We could’ve easily found ourselves in the same position in #4 if we tweaked the story a little bit in #1 & #2. Maybe the first two issues will come full circle at the end, but so far I gotta go off of what I see.

Aquaman #4 was the installment Dan Abnett finally impressed me with as a writer for Aquaman. Despite showing the small significance of the first two parts the writing really stepped up with a very good pace. The art is also starting to grow on me even more and the cliffhanger in this comic finally leaves you excited for what’s next to come. I never expected to enjoy a more politically driven Aquaman story, but here I am.




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