Superman #3 (2016) Review

RCO001_1469005943Eradicator is back and he is out to Eradicate! I’m sorry, I tried. Firstly I need to address the art because it is just so beautiful! Some of the panels look like front cover material type, it’s crazy! The colors used are also geniously added in. The fight was drawn stunningly with every movement being really easy to decipher. Some comic book artists draw in a way that is hard to make out what is happening exactly and it doesn’t help when the panel before has a completely different action movement. This issue doesn’t do that and if DC is looking for someone to draw an event I would highly recommend Patrick Gleason.

Within all the action we do not loose any strong conversations. Peter J. Tomasi would even add dialogue during the battle which you would think could take someone out, but it doesn’t. In the comic something heartbreaking happens, my friend accidentally spoiled it to me, but even with a spoiler I got goose bumps at the last page.

The jaw dropping art, great use of lines and action just show how much of a gem this series truly is. The writer does things not out of necessity or an agenda, but because it feels like a natural progression to the story.

Screenshot_2016-08-01-11-48-41 (1)



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