Superman #2 (2016) Review

RCO001_1467796391My Superman #1 Review has praised Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason, but has their excellence carried on into this issue? Well, of course. In this issue we not only see Superman do Superman things, but also we see him and his son’s relationship take a first step into superheroism. The father and son moments really impress me here, but no surprise since Tomasi is writing.

The conversations between not just Clark and Jon are strong, but between everyone. The comic is filled with eventful scenes if it’s action or just talking. Every word isn’t just thrown in there to make the comic pass by, it’s there because the writer wants to tell an actual story that he believes in. You’re probably going to ask, “Who would ever just put dialogue in there to make the comic pass by,” and I say New 52 Superman. New 52 Superman would just depend on the Superman money making name and not on the actual story. DC is proving to be bringing in the right Superman storytellers in if it’s Peter Tomasi or Dan Jurgens.

The imagery in the comic book is breathtaking. Some panels even on the farm would wow me. The continuation of expressionism and smart display of image is what make this art become iconic. The colors used in the comic build up a fitting tone and does what any color should do, compliment the art.

The trinity of Peter J. Tomasi’s fantastic writing, Patrick Gleason’s beautiful art and John Kalisz’s understanding as the colorist not only paint Superman #2 to be better than the first issue, but also the best thing to come out of DC Rebirth.




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