Superman #1 (2016) Review

RCO001_1465978358When DC was initially announcing all the comics at WonderCon they just barely mentioned this title when Action Comics got a heck of a feature. This made me feel insecure about the series and it didn’t help that Peter J. Tomasi was said to write when his comics never had a history of blowing me up with excitement. Well history changed.

This comic was a heartwarming story focusing on the relationship between Superman and his son, Jonathan Kent (or I should say White). It was such a joy seeing Jonathan exploring his powers. One of the most fun things I enjoyed heroes do is try and explore their own powers to see how they work. Thank god for Patrick Gleason and his art. The thing is perfect for this comic book and the colors play out in a very nice harmonic way. There would be panels when no one is speaking, but the expressions of the characters tell you everything. Comic books are for most a visual media and when a writer and an artist recognize this and use it to their advantage is when a comic works the most. The emotion in the face detail is what helps out those silences. Even if the characters aren’t talking they’re saying a lot.

Is that X-O Manowar?

There are also moments in here that see Superman live his farm life and how he uses these powers to his advantage. It’s another attention to detail. I can’t wait to further see the evolution of the father and son bond. The difference between Clark and Jon is that the boy uses his power from a very young age so that might change his experience a lot more. I don’t mind when a comic book isn’t action oriented like this one. What a comic book needs to do for me is keep me invested. That is what this issue of Superman #1 does for me.

I was not expecting this to be this good. The constant risk taking of choosing to be more story driven make this a comic book worth everyone’s time. It’s a story that both children and adults will appreciate. Together with Tomasi’s writing we got ourselves an amazing artist, Gleason. From now on I am excited for anything Tomasi has to write.



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  1. […] My Superman #1 Review has praised Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason, but has their excellence carried on into this issue? Well, of course. In this issue we not only see Superman do Superman things, but also we see him and his son’s relationship take a first step into superheroism. The father and son moments really impress me here, but no surprise since Tomasi is writing. […]



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