Green Arrow #4 (2016) Review

RCO001_1470246658The last issue of Green Arrow by Benjamin Percy has brought a lot to the table setting of the main event that this comic is. Oliver has to deal with the cops in this issue and the resolution to the scene delivers. Black Canary is on the Ninth Circle’s tail and just like on the cover her confrontation with a member of the group was really well done. The side character Henry who is the tech guy for Oliver is one of the best characters in this issue.

In Green Arrow #3 Review although Juan Ferreyra’s art was always good I wished for the return of Otto Schmidt and that ended up not being the case. Surprisingly enough I was not disappointing one bit. Ferreyra has a similar style to Schmdit and looks a lot like painting on one-page panels or two-page splashes. His art always impressed me, but now having seen it more in its potential allowed me to have the preference of either artists.

This issue does not take a breather and utilizes all characters to it’s proper fullest. We also get a feel of how Emiko really feels about this whole situation. The story is unpredictable, but logical. The stakes are set-up strongly within the issue that will definitely continue on to the next one. Oliver’s scenes in the issue show his progression as a character from the very first one.

The quick yet natural progression is what sets this story apart from the other DC Rebirth titles. The art being used to it’s bigger potential with more action never leave the reader yawning. The stakes are so high right now I’m just ready for the next issue to come out. Funny I said that in my Green Arrow #3 review, but that is only an indication of how good the story is.



SPOILER!!!! Henry is part of the Ninth Circle. Calling it now! He spilled that water on the laptop which had info about them.



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