Aquaman #2 (2016) Review

RCO001_1467820571The showdown between Aquaman and Black Manta begins! Black Manta chose to attack his foe on one of the most important days of his lives. This will cause huge ramifications in not only Aquaman’s life but the entire world’s. The battle although a very well choreographed one, it was a bit too long in my opinion as it took up most of the comic. A motivation of Black Manta are really strong. The words the two exchanged are well executed and the end of the battle was brought to a close perfectly

The ending of the comic leaves a lot to one’s mind, but it could also be questioned after the outcome of the battle*. DC Universe Rebirth had Aquaman propose to his wife Mera and that plot line wasn’t yet addressed in the series at all. I think I’m speaking for many people out there, when are going to see the marriage?

Although a fun read there wasn’t much that I took from this and doesn’t require my recommendation. A very interesting clash occurred that showed the evolution of both characters. Sadly as a fan of Aquaman I expected a bit more from him since he is one of the most interesting characters out there. You will be better off reading Geoff Johns’ Aquaman run.



* Black Manta chooses not to kill Aquaman so his motivations are not there anymore yet, making the mysterious lady’s recruitment pointless



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