Aquaman #1 (2016) Review

RCO001_1466650192Dan Abnett is a decent writer. His writing is either good or bad, but this issue seems to come in a different sort of form. The comic opens with Arthur and Mera speaking to one another (only one small spoiler I’ll say). The dialogue is weird because maybe the engaged couple is of royal worlds they speak to each other in a very unnatural way. These characters would speak to each other in a royal way, but they took the royal speaking way to an extreme. And they don’t even talk about anything new! They’re talking about connecting the land and ocean worlds together which has been addressed before to death. This mind as well be a servant talking to a king and not two lovers. But what do I know about relationships….. ANYWAY! 

The comic after that picks up very nicely. Thank god. Aquaman is my 3rd favorite superhero of all time so I do care a lot about him and his portrayal. I will be that butthurt fan in the comments of a video that is shaming Aquaman. The biggest highlight of this comic was Black Manta and his unpredictable ways. I do have a concern because he came to terms with Aquaman at the end of Forever Evil, which is weird how he still wants revenge, but he helps the story drive forward.

The story after the long and boring conversation between Aquaman and Mera really interests you especially the shocking and interesting plan. There are also some new characters Abnett introduces into the story that enhance the reader’s perception. The ending gets you excited for the next one so it did it’s issue 1 job.




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