Green Arrow #3 (2016) Review

RCO001_1469033276Holy crap a lot happens here! First of all last issue Oliver was saved by his friend and now that he is back, he is out to get what was taken away from him and that is of course his fortune. The organization of the Ninth Circle was able to steal all his money for their own purpose.

The beginning of the issue is very interesting because it’s well, a heist comic. Oliver finds out about something important in the comic and it surprisingly doesn’t affect him. Anyone would think this revelation would shock him pretty hard emotionally, but it didn’t. There were a lot of information given to us about the enemy known as the Ninth Circle that progress the story very nicely. A lot happens in the ending forcing you to think to yourself, “How will this character find a solution to this problem?” The action has actually became more prominent in this issue more than before. Oliver’s arrows are really cool and utilized really nicely.

The big elephant here is there is a new artist. Otto Schmidt who drew and colored for the last 2 issues was amazing, that was why I was so bumbed out when someone else jumped on. It was probably because he didn’t wanna rush his art for the twice a month shipping. No offense but I hope Schmidt returns for the next issue. It’s not that I don’t like Juan Ferreyra’s art, but it’s because I was so used to the other amazing penciling. Not to say this art was distracting because it’s not. It was actually good and looked similar to Schmidt’s which is nice to see DC try to stay consistent with the art.

In conclusion, Green Arrow #3‘s constantly revolving plot, developments, actions and good art again make this a must recommendation.The nature of the story is unpredictable at this point needing me to buy the next issue as fast as possible.



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  1. […] In Green Arrow #3 Review although Juan Ferreyra’s art was always good I wished for the return of Otto Schmidt and that ended up not being the case. Surprisingly enough I was not disappointing one bit. Ferreyra has a similar style to Schmdit and looks a lot like painting on one-page panels or two-page splashes. His art always impressed me, but now having seen it more in its potential allowed me to have the preference of either artists. […]



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