Green Arrow #1 (2016) Review

RCO001_1466044090So the comic book opens with Green Arrow, Emiko (Oliver’s younger sister) and Black Canary teaming up to fight some bad guys at the docks. The enemy looks really weird is all I will say. Right off the bat the art and coloring of Otto Smchidt is very good, easy to look at and enhances my experience.

Oliver has an interesting relationship with everyone other than his sister that is pointed out in the script. Speaking of relationship the one between Oliver and Dinah works, but is quickly rushed through and people who read the comic will understand what I’m saying. The relationship in a 20-page comic progresses as if a year passed when in actuality they just met couple issues ago. There are two scenes when something happens between Oliver and Dinah you ask yourself, “ALREADY?!?!”

‘The End’ is the title of the issue and not the actual ending. So don’t complain that I showed you the ending!

There is a plot point in the story that has been done before to the ground which involves the villain part of the story, but here are hopes they’ll make it their own version. The ending of the comic was unexpected to me and probably a lot of people. “What about Shado? She’s in the cover.” To keep you spoiler away I’ll say she has a very cool scene. The writing by Percy is very clever that any fan would appropriate.

So good production value with minor relationship hiccups and good cliffhanger make for a comic worth your time especially if you’re a Green Arrow fan. New fan or old fan you should read this regardless.




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