Batman #3 (2016) Review

RCO001_1469006015The origin of Gotham and Gotham Girl was the most exciting part of the comic. I love reading or watching origin stories because they show you how things came to be even if some mystery is still left with the two. This origin shows that the intentions were always with a good heart.

The origin is very familiar to the one of another hero, but that will be left for you to read. We continue with the more light hearted tone for the series, but Batman is still the same old Batman. The story is just less serious in tone. There are many good back and forths between Batman and the two new heroes. Gotham and Gotham Girl have a strong a bond that you can feel even if it’s not taking place in the flashbacks to the origin. With no spoilers the story seems to be leading to a much more dramatic tone like I thought it would drift into. Next issue has to be where a huge confrontation happens.

Like I said we learn more about the two heroes and then the correlation of Batman and these new figures which doesn’t change at all. Issue 1 was really action packed and although there is action in this issue there aren’t any consequences in the story. I’m waiting for something to happen already that will hold major ramifications.

The cover is  bit disappointing. It feels like DC didn’t have a cover so they took a panel that was rejected and put it at the front. You could make an argument it was due to twice a month shipping but the cover team was made up of three people. The cover is just a minor nitpick, but it rubs me.

So, Batman #3 is a good follow up, but doesn’t really have the stakes to keep you more invested with the story. A lot of great character conversations are displayed with finally some notification of upcoming conflicts.




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