Batman #2 (2016) Review

RCO001_1467795144Batman is joined by the new heroes of Gotham, Gotham and Gotham Girl. It seems like they are his new partners and that they want good for the city. This issue of Batman focuses a lot on the introduction of this new chemistry. It’s the blossoming of the new team-up. The comic is filled with great scenes between Batman, Gotham, Gotham Girl and Commissioner Gordon. The art continues to be consistently great so, no surprise there.

A new threat is arising and it looks to be something we haven’t seen before. Tom King is taking this character and it’s mythos to places we haven’t ever seen before. The tone itself isn’t dark like Scott Snyder’s run but we haven’t seen a more light hearted Batman solo comic in a while now. It’s really refreshing, but I’m ready to jump into some darker stuff. Don’t get me wrong  I’m open to any new ideas, but I’m also in preference of a bit edgier storytelling when it comes to Batman. The threat set-up in this comic suggests that will be the case and I have a guess where the story could go next.

Although Batman #2 continues to be a bit more lighthearted than your traditional Batman solo story King provides with a lot of new undiscovered places and characters. The set-up for the threat could lead to something very dramatic.Screenshot_2016-08-01-11-56-23.png



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