Batman #1 (2016) Review

RCO001_1465978337Wow! What an event this was! Tom King is a pretty brand new writer in the comic industry. In such a short period of time Tom King brought one of the most surprising comic books in modern day known as Vision. I knew this would be a must boy for me and that King would bring it. Indeed he did.

Batman and Jim Gordon’s interaction throughout the issue are really strong. There are a lot of emotional sequences in the comic especially when Batman is speaking with Alfred that are probably my favorite part of the comic. The scenes are really nice and you get to see Bruce’s little boy side in here come through. Batman attempts the impossible and when you’re reading the comic you don’t know how it will end. There are a lot of self aware questions asked in the comic that pertain to the stereotypes of tragedies that always happen in Metropolis compared to Gotham. In this issue we see Batman do what he has never done before in his entire 75 year history.

Now, I have to talk about the two new faces on the cover and that is Gotham and Gotham Girl. I won’t tell you their motives, but for what we have of them they will be something to very look forward to. There are many mysteries left for us in the book which is fitting for a Batman title. There is also David Finch’s perfect art. Seriously, there isn’t ever one frame when his art looks out of place or distorted. It is always on the mark. John Workman’s lettering is really nice and reads great. 

Batman #1 is a great start for the new Batman series. Although it has a lot to prove coming after Scott Snyder’s run the story is building up to something really good with great amount of action, emotion and mystery. Finch has also some competing to do after Capullo’s take on Batman, but I think all will be well. If you need any reason to introduce yourself to Tom King this is it. Screenshot_2016-08-01-11-57-27



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