Golden Age the Beginning of Green Lantern

Although in recent years Alan Scott has come out of the closet due to DC pandering to SJW’s, he didn’t always bat for the other team. Whether Alan be straight or gay he is still a kick ass Green Lantern and if it weren’t for him we wouldn’t have the whole Lantern family. Everybody has their own Green Lantern, many love Hal but I gotta say Alan is my favorite, and we have to take a trip down memory lane to see why that is.

It is the 1930s/40s comics are a fairly new form of media and kids pick em up and read them. Ah yes the Golden Age, an era in which many of our favorite characters were seen for the first time. Superman, Batman, Captain America, and oh yes the Green Lantern all started in this period. The art style was amazing but couldn’t match that of today, yet it does still hold up, and I’ve been reading many golden age comics. Among these is The Green Lantern. I’ve been interested in reading Green Lantern and I thought why not start at the beginning. And I just fell in love with the series after looking at that first page. I can say that Mart Nodell and Bill Finger did an outstanding job with this series. But what makes it pop out, why do I love the series, and more importantly why is Alan Scott possibly my favorite Lantern you ask? Read on to find out.

Alan Scott’s debut

Not only did Alan pioneer the series but he was the foundation for which every other Lantern built on. Alan was limited in his powers when he made his debut. In the beginning he only had the power of flight, super strength, super speed, the ability to walk through walls, and his ring was able to melt things and blind his foes. You can find out so much about Alan and see all his powers just by reading one issue and that is what makes him awesome. He outsmarts his foes and gets them to give themselves in anyway he can. Alan might not be able to make a grappling gun with his mind but he sure can make an entrance. Alan can walk through walls as mentioned earlier which gives him the advantage of being able to sneak up on and startle enemies, this also makes for a suspenseful and thrilling entrance. Now what does Alan do when he’s not fighting bad guys?

Before he puts the ring to the lantern and puts on his vigilante outfit complete with cape and blind fold, Alan is a news reporter. Yup much like Clark Kent, Alan Scott is a crime fighting news reporter that hits hard, runs fast, and flies, but there is one difference Clark Kent wears the glasses to hide his face, Alan doesn’t, Alan doesn’t wear a mask, but Green Lantern does. Clark and Alan have a bit in common but it’s early DC and people loved both characters what can you expect?

Of course u can’t call yourself a super hero without making corny jokes, or without making nods to the fact that u actually are a super hero. Alan has u covered with plenty of jokes and he even nods to the fact that he’s a hero when he says, “Oh I’m sure Green Lantern is just a normal person like you or I”.

Final synopsis, who cares if he’s gay or not? Let the SJW’s have their fun, Alan is still a badass character and always has been since his debut in the 1940s. Golden Age comics are amazing and Green Lantern (Alan Scott) was a huge part of them, and if it weren’t for him we wouldn’t have the whole crew of Lanterns we know and love today. All in all I love the character of Alan Scott for his corny jokes, somewhat kid-Halloween looking outfit, and his powers are badass. I would recommend the series to anybody and if people have this series in their collection they are really lucky. I fell in love with GL upon reading that first page and I would tell anybody to read the series. I can honestly see why it did great, because, it was well written and interesting ever since the start. Drop whatever you’re doing and go read it right now, I am not kidding.

(This was written by my friend Joseph ‘Joey’ Nunes, who enjoys my website and wanted to add his 2-cents to the work (Twitter: @GTgaming45). If you enjoyed reading this review let me know in the comments. The review was edited by Olaf Lesniak (owner of ComicBooger).


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