Action Comics #960 Review

Wonder Woman is in action and that’s no spoiler because it’s on the cover! The way she shows up was really abrupt and unexplained, but I guess if there is a monster on the news giving Superman trouble you should probably go help out right? I didn’t know how Jurgens would manage to juggle with adding another ball, but he ended up executing her really well. I have praised how much of a threat this Doomsday really is and I am not taking that back when this issue proves it even more.

We finally get some progress! No answers still, but progress is good. Superman of the Pre-New 52 finally gets in some scenes with his family of Lois and Jonathan. The 2nd Clark Kent is still a mystery in the puzzle along with who is pulling the strings in the background. Those are the big two questions for me. A minor negative would be the iffiness of the art at times and the character of Jonathan Kent is very likable. Him and Wonder Woman get in a very cute back and forth. Jon was always willing to help his father as he too has powers, but his responsible mother wouldn’t let him.

Overall, Action Comics #960 has very iffy art, but that is very easy to ignore with continuing good action, good balance of characters and finally some progress. The remaining questions don’t get answered which is still a set-back. I don’t like when all the huge reveals are revealed at the end of the story when the middle of the story suffers because of that. This issue is a….




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