Action Comics #959 Review

AC_Cv959In this issue of the story Superman and Lex Luthor continue to fight the monster Doomsday that has become stronger than before. When media in general say, “There is a bad guy and he’s stronger than before.” they don’t actually mean it, but this comic means it. As you can see the cover has 2 Supermen on it and if it’s on the cover I am allowed to mention it in the review. That is Clark Kent who since the beginning of the story line has appeared and proclaimed himself to be Clark Kent and not Superman. He has no powers, knowledge or memory of Superman. Since the first part of the issue he was the head scratcher that I was talking about. Everyone in the world now is confused why there are 2 Clark Kents!

Action continues to be executed perfectly by Dan Jurgens which manages to be better as the issues go along and that’s a huge feat of its own, but not when the pace is so slow. As much as I love the action the pacing of the comic is dragging for some reason. I will be disappointed if this entire arc includes fighting just Doomsday. There are great character moments with Lois at home watching the news with her son Jonathan. You can feel her pain because she is scared of Doomsday repeating what he did years ago – kill Superman.

Superman, Lex Luthor and this new Clark Kent manage to fit in a quick conversation. Speaking of Luthor he gets an awesome scene that proves how amazing his new tech from Apokalips is given how he is now the King of Apokalips (read Justice League: Darkseid War).

The well executed emotional beats, action and Lex Luthor are just barely able to win me over when they are fighting against the slow pace of this story arc. We got more questions on the table and yet not just no answers, but also no real progress.




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