Action Comics #958 Review

RCO001_1466585343The huge threat in the comic is indeed Doomsday! Transitioning from last where we left off Lex Luthor and Superman are now forced to fight the killing machine that once killed the Man of Steel. Something I forgot to mention in the first review is that there is a man pulling the strings watching the Kent’s family’s movement all this time. In this story Doomsday seems to be even stronger of a threat than before. This comic is packed with even more action than the previous issue which says a lot. The smart use of action plays really well with the comic’s slower moments that happen between Lois Kent and her son Jonathan Kent. The relationship between Luthor and Superman is much more interesting and developed. Sadly, the reveal of a head scratcher from the previous issue was not revealed, but I’m sure it will be revealed next time.

In the end maybe the story didn’t progress much it did pay off with further and much more improved relationships between characters. There are many loose threads left which is what really excites me the most about this comic. Really fun issue to read throughout!

Screenshot_2016-08-01-12-01-30 (2)



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