Action Comics #957 Review

After the events of Final Days of Superman, where New 52 Superman sacrifices himself and dies, and the events of Lois and Clark, where Pre-New 52 Clark Kent, his wife, Lois and Jonathan Kent are forced to stay on the New 52 Earth, the world tries to cope with the loss of Superman. Lex Luthor creates a new suit, saves a bank and claims himself to be the new and improved Superman. After seeing this on the news, the Pre-New 52 Clark Kent officially returns as Superman. You see this Clark Kent was helping the world undercover until now. This Clark Kent believes Luthor can’t be trusted even if it’s on a different Earth.

So as you can imagine the two Supermen begin to fight. There is a huge WTF moment in the comic book that I shouldn’t spoil for anyone. You will literally scratch your head and just when the two new heroes fight something of a different force breaks out. A new threat! I will tell you what exactly happened in the review of #958, but for now I wanna keep this spoiler free. 

This issue really brought it! I knew Dan Jurgens, the talented writer he is would create a strong comic. I remember reading New 52 Superman and quitting because it was so boring. The real Superman is back and better than ever. The suspenseful action, plot twists and turns send you on a heck of a roller coaster ride. Each important character gets the right amount of page time. Everything in the comic felt active and strong. Great to see the revert of the numbering system for this and Detective Comics. I would highly recommend this to anyone.Screenshot_2016-08-01-11-48-41 (1)



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