Detective Comics #939 Review

(Vacation, yada, yadee, yara) YES! That is all I have to say about this issue of Detective Comics because it was so good. Another fun new chapter in this well constructed story. Detective Comics is one of the DC Rebirth titles that has been able to maintain its consistent story quality and tone. I do … Continue reading Detective Comics #939 Review


Action Comics #962 Review

(Yes, I am still on vacation, blah, blah, blah, blah. You get the point) It's the final chapter of the first Rebirth Action Comics storyline and it's a huge disappointment. This issue is basically just another action scene and that is all. Dan Jurgens started the arc so well, but failed at finishing it. What should … Continue reading Action Comics #962 Review

Magneto vs. Doctor Polaris – Marvel vs. DC #33

Origin: Magneto Max Eisenhardt was a mutant-Jewish German, during WWII his family was taken into the concentration camps. Being the only member of his family to escape and survive he changed his name to Eric Magnus Lehnsherr in order to live a life. He would travel the world, meet Charles Xavier who was also a mutant. The … Continue reading Magneto vs. Doctor Polaris – Marvel vs. DC #33

Iceman vs. Killer Frost – Marvel vs. DC #32

Origin: Iceman Found by Cyclops to invite him into his superhero mutant team Bobby Drake became the second founding member of the X-Men. Identity: Iceman Alter Ego: Robert Louis "Bobby" Drake Occupation(s): Mathematics Professor, senior staff member, former public accountant Team Affiliations: X-Men, X-Factor, Defenders, Champions Origin: Killer Frost As a young scientist Doctor Caitlin Snow was … Continue reading Iceman vs. Killer Frost – Marvel vs. DC #32