Who Won San Diego Comic-Con? Part 5 – Verdict

This is the final installment of who won this year’s Comic-Con at San Diego. If you wanna see all the movie and TV content Marvel & DC brought this year read:

If you already read them, good job! Now I have to apologize because Warner Bros. Pictures had another film that I didn’t talk about in my previous parts that I should have. The film I forgot to talk about was The LEGO Batman Movie. I have no idea how I forgot since the LEGO Movie was good and LEGO as a whole are amazing things. I will give you my quick thoughts and move on.

If you follow news about this movie you’ll know it already put out 2 previous teaser trailers that were hilarious. This trailer doesn’t come close the previous ones. In fact I only thought one joke was funny in here and that was, “Life doesn’t give you seat belts!” line. I am still very excited for the movie, but this trailer didn’t do it for me. OK, now let’s move on.


In my opinion it’s pretty clear who won this part. Warner Bros. Pictures gave us 4 pieces of content to the public like Wonder Woman trailer, Suicide Squad, Justice League and LEGO Batman. Marvel gave us one trailer and the rest was footage not shown to the public which is why I think Marvel wins this one. I know it seemed I was setting up for DC to win, but hear me out. Marvel Studios understands these fans have been waiting in line for hours to get to see the show which is why they deserve something exclusive. Marvel also brought on the entire cast on stage from their upcoming films! Doctor Strange was my favorite trailer of Comic-Con because it surprised me and Brie Larson announcement was oddly my favorite part of Comic-Con. I know, I know….such simple thing amused me, but knowing Brie will play Captain Marvel tells me she will be better than the current Captain Marvel in comics. Warner Bros. had a good presence, but going off of the disappointing Batman v Superman maybe it brought my hype down for any announcements from them.


This one was much harder for me to choose. Marvel Television had such a strong presence at this Con with the Defenders/Netflix part of the universe. They also announced Ghost Rider for Agents of SHIELD and Legion was the trailer that down right surprised me almost as much as the new Dr. Strange trailer. Warner Bros. Television also had a huge showing with all their series as well such as Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Preacher, iZombie, Lucifer, Gotham, Justice League Action and Powerless (a awesome new series that had little showing at Comic-Con). In the end DC wins this one because the words of Arrow going back to its old roots, Legends of Tomorrow taking a brand new take and Flashpoint really excited me. DC gave me a better feel of where the universe will go. A show Powerless is also coming where we follow the regular humans living in a world of superheroes/villains such as Wonder Woman, Hawkman, etc. It sounds very fun. Marvel surprised with their TV showings, but DC showed more ESCTATIC content.


So Marvel won with movies, DC won in TV, but who won overall? When we combine all the movie and TV announcements into one group the winner is……<drum roll> Marvel! Look at it this way, Marvel astounded me with their movie news and surprised me with their TV news. DC was really good in their movie department, but astounded me with their TV. It makes sense why Marvel is s the ULTIMATE WINNER OF SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2016!!! Overall, they created more excitement. Don’t complain because in 2013, 2014 & 2015 DC won in my opinion. 

So here you have it. This ends my San Diego Comic-Con 2016 coverage. Marvel won this year’s Comic-Con and next year is going to be even more exciting. In 2017 Marvel Studios (not Television) won’t go to Comic-Con, but instead to D23 (Disney Film Expo) and the two events will only be 1 week apart. That way Marvel can go full with their movie announcements and DC can go full with theirs. It was a fun Con this year and can’t wait for the October one in New York!



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