Sinestro vs. Mandarin – Marvel vs. DC #29

Origin: Sinestro

Thaal Sinestro became one of the greatest and most respected Green Lanterns in the corps. He later created the yellow spectrum that would power on fear called the Sinestro Lantern ring that was meant to fight Hal Jordan who was possessed by Parallax. The power of the yellow ring later corrupted him.

  • Identity: Thaal Sinestro
  • Alter Ego: None
  • Occupation(s): Supervillain, anthropologist
  • Team Affiliations: Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro Corps, Society, Injustice League


Origin: Mandarin

One day Khan traveled to the Valley of Spirits and discovered a crashed starship of the alien race known as Makluan. There he found 10 alien rings that he took with himself and later learned how to posses them.

  • Identity: Mandarin
  • Alter Ego: Khan
  • Occupation(s): Supervillain
  • Team Affiliations: Hand


Powers & Abilities: Sinestro

  • Flight
  • Energy Constructs – build anything depending on the amount of fear given on the ‘victim’
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Energy Projection – energy beams, force fields, etc.
  • Teleportation (very difficult)
  • Communicator
  • Invisibility
  • Matter Manipulation

Powers & Abilities: Mandarin

  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Challenge Chi – allows him no need for food nor drink for years; hurt Iron Man with bare hands
  • 10 rings
  1. Ice Blast Ring
  2. Mento-Intensifier Ring – telepathy, mind control
  3. Electro-Blast Ring – electricity
  4. Flame Blast Ring
  5. White Light Ring – emit energy found along the electromagnetic spectrum
  6. Black Light Ring – absorbs all light
  7. Disintegration Beam Ring – shoots energy capable of destroying anything
  8. Vortex Beam Ring – shoots out a vortex in an air form; allows flight
  9. Impact Beam – shoots out destructive force equal of 350 pounds of dynamite
  10. Matter Rearrange Ring – speed up, slow down, stop and rearrange molecules or atoms; teleport objects/people


The Mandarin is standing on the Great Wall of China waiting for his opponent to come. He has been prepared. Sinestro flies in and stands preparing himself. The canon goes off, the battle begins. The Mandarin shoots at Sinestro with his impact beam that can create a powerful explosion, but the alien builds a shield. Sinestro speeds towards Mandarin, but Khan this time shoots Thaal with his disintegration ring, Sinestro’s shield breaks and he falls to the ground. Mandarin shoots with the disintegration ring once again, quickly before contact Sinestro flies up and shoots his energy beam straight at the Mandarin. This hurts him, but he gets up and looks around and he’s surrounded by monsters created with the yellow ring.

7 Sinestro vs Mandarin by Kaywest
Sinestro vs. Mandarin

Giants, flying creatures, devils and dragons. Mandarin hears a laugh, “Hahaha! Fear me!” The Mandarin teleports the objects away and says, “I fear no one!” Then he sees Sinestro smiling, a huge crushing rock is now falling at the Mandarin, but Khan creates an air vortex carrying the rock away. The vortex is then thrown at Sinestro trapping him inside of it. Mandarin laughs, “Now you fear me!” he then adds fire to the vortex creating a tornado of fire. Mandarin stopped and sees something, Sinestro was protecting himself in a force field.

Sinestro shoots his energy beam and Mandarin shoots his! The beams come clashing straight at each other. Mandarin screams, “I’ve read your mind! You have lost so much! Next thing you will loose is your daughter!” then “Enough of your fault talk,” says Sinestro who flies up quickly, avoids the energy beam, but the ray slightly hurts Sinestro. Sinestro is angry and creates a giant construct, Fin Fang Foom. Mandarin says, “This can’t be.” The giant dragon construct attacks Mandarin in awe and crushes him with his fist. “NOOOOO!” screams the Mandarin. Sinestro is done, deconstructs the dragon and flies away from the destroyed Great Wall of China. 

Alright, this was really difficult to choose. I realized there was no way for them to loose unless they were mentally distracted or unstable. Mandarin couldn’t absorb Sinestro’s constructs with his Black Light ring because they are primarily energy than light. Mandarin couldn’t control Sinestro’s mind because the rings can block telepaths, but to an extent which is why Mandarin was only able to enter it. Mandarin tried talking to Sinestro of his failures and making him fear, but Sinestro, the alien he is, couldn’t care less.

Sinestro Corps is able to build creatures or constructs based on the fears of who they choose to be the victim. There aren’t many things the Mandarin fears, but the most likely one was the all powerful Fin Fang Foom. The dragon holds a lot of power and it would be the only way this battle would end between the two fighters. In the end the yellow light of fear prevailed!


Alright! That was fun to write. It took me some time to figure out how this battle would end, but I finally did it. Next time we have our green friendly shapeshifters. Make sure to check back next week for more amazing Marvel vs. DC content.




  1. No offense but you dont know enough on either characters to do this. Disintegration ring takes 20 minutes between each shot that was first fault. Second Mandarin had shields up all the time too, enough to block shots from angry thor who hits literally 1000 times harder than sinestro has ever hit. Third sinestro is much more savage than one construct he throws several to overwhelm you an fights with little more than that. The black light ring would have eaten sinestro constructs as well its darkforce it eats all light, Mandarin black light ring has eaten ironman and stanes attacks at the same time before its dark force dc universe has it to, it can suck solar radiation out of superman. Mandarin fighting style is mostly impact ring and rearranger and coming in close to fight you and using fire blast and ice. He uses the other ones but in combat those are mostly his go to. Battle horribly done.


  2. Thanks for the feedback. Noted. Just keep in mind that I didn’t draw the a fight too long. If you read these blogs you’ll know that progressively I go back to explanation and not descriptory fights like these ones. Either way I will take this to heart. Thanks.


  3. The fight completely ignores Mandarin’s superhuman chi-channeling martial arts abilities. He can harden his flesh so that he can survive Iron Man’s attacks, and smash his armor with karate-chops. In fact, he’s got as much right to call himself Iron Man as Tony does, since his flesh can be as tough as iron if he has a few seconds to channel his chi. He’s very savage, doing things like create illusions so he can get into brawling range to use his chi-amped martial artist abilities while you don’t know which of the dozen mandarins coming at you is the real one that you should be dodging.



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