Who Won San Diego Comic-Con? Part 4 – DC TV Recap

Welcome and as you might have seen this is going to be a 4th part to my Who Won Comic-Con? series so if you want to check the previous 3 parts where we talk about Marvel movies, TV shows and DC movies go ahead. Today is all about the DC TV.


Warner Bros. Television

Justice League Action

Recently DC cartoon TV Shows have been horrible! Marvel is even worse, but it pisses me off so much more with DC because they had great modern shows and then all of that somehow disappeared. Young Justice was cancelled and I was forever hurt because what replaced it was the horrendous Teen Titans Go! which mimics a lot of modern cartoons for kids. The animation has to be super cartoony, stupid jokes and lazy plot. Today’s cartoons are more for kids than than what they used to be which was for family. Although Justice League Action looks to have a super cartoony look (what I mean by that is it isn’t drawn with care), it sure looks fun. I heard each episode will have two mini-episodes-in-one telling a different story. Although there aren’t many cartoons telling one cohesive story arc, today, this does look like a lot of fun.

Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are back to reprise their roles which should at least say something. This won’t be following the lives of heroes painting their nails or going to the movies which is what Teen Titans Go! is. This will have heroes in actual action, fighting crime. The show will be most definitely aimed at kids, but maybe there will be something in there for older audience to watch. Sad to see how long gone are the days where both adults and kids could enjoy an animated show.


I don’t follow Gotham. I gave it so many chances, but it failed me so many times. I heard season 2 is much better and that it got some Emmys. I will watch season 2 eventually when I have time so I ignored this trailer with all my might. I will give the show a second chance. It was weird watching a show with Batman characters and no Batman on screen. The show has a tendency of showing what Bruce Wayne was doing, which quickly became overplayed and overdone.


I love Supergirl! Although it did have couple shaky first episodes, the series quickly became my favorite. If I had to compare this season 1 to Arrow season 4 or Flash season 2, Supergirl would win that contest. I am probably in minority, but Supergirl is just such a fun show. Sadly, we didn’t get any footage nor even new announcements at Comic-Con which was a huge mistake in my eyes. The panels I watched were very fun to watch and you know the energy between the cast transfers into the show. For those who wanna waste their time, watch the panels below.

Can’t wait for the new season. I was very glad to see the new Superman in here. His presence will be very exciting! I was mad not to see the actress who portrays Cat. Hopefully she will still play a prominent role in show because she is by far the best character. This is also the first season to finally be on the network CW where the other shows are and can make a huge 4-SHOW CROSSOVER which is official to come.

Legends of Tomorrow

SIGH! This show should get an award for the coolest premise ever, but with the worst execution of all time in TV history. I might be overexaggerating, but Legends of Tomorrow season 1 managed to be such a boring show. It felt like a cartoon for modern kids actually, with each episode happening having no impact on the characters much. Most of the episodes were pass-ible because even when something “big” happened, the viewer just didn’t care. I didn’t mention the good things in it, it has some, but not a lot which is why I was happy after this conference.

The man who makes it all happen, Marc Guggeiheim (prob. butchered that) said this season will feel much different from season 1 and that it will feel like a new show. This made me very happy because the direction of the show has to change. Season 1 was senselessly punching different bad guys/girls depending on the time period. There would be this main villain (no spoilers) they would take care of, but he would keep reappearing. ALL THE TIME!!! Glad this show is getting a new spin to it. What other exciting news came out is Justice Society of America will be in this season!!! The character I am most excited to see is Stargirl because she is going to steal the show. I wanted to see Commander Steel, but instead we got Citizen Steel 😦 and thank God a new Vixen actress is taking on the role.

For those that don’t know Vixen has an official web series called Vixen. It’s animated and it has a good voice actress. They brought her live-action for Arrow and she was very distracting. She gave in a bad performance plus her mouth made weird shapes every time she spoke. Thank goodness for a new actress. The panel also announced Legion of Doom which will consist of Damian Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn, Reverse Flash and Captain Cold. More Justice Society members were announced, but we should move on.

The Flash

Season 2 of The Flash was good, but certainly not amazing. It was amazing, but the more we moved to the end of the 2nd season the less I liked it not to mention how they butchered the character of Patty Spivot and Wally West. By the end of the season (with no spoilers) Barry was acting more selfishly and as a mommy’s boy. He was acting like a wussy who would cut himself if he had the time to read mean comments on the internet. Right now Barry is a very inconsistent character who acts in the way he wouldn’t.

Very cool new trailer just one major flaw. We have another villain that is a speedster. Does every major Flash villain need to be a speedster? Why are you doing this? It annoys me. This season will open up with a very different take on the Flashpoint story arc. This could mean a lot. This could introduce Supergirl into the same universe (it’s already in the multiverse)! We know the Flashpoint will affect Arrow in some way shape or form. We’ll have to wait and see how. My favorite part of the trailer was obviously Reverse Flash who did what I would probably do. Barry acted like a villain by the end of season 3 and I am glad someone realizes this in the writing department.


Just like Flash which has its problems with having speedsters as the main villain every season, Arrow has its. Watch this trailer.

Another archer villain. Now, I know what you’re saying, “Season 2, 3 and 4 didn’t have main archer villains” and you’re right. But what happens is there is a lot of non-main villains who happen to have a bow as their main weapon. League of Assassins, Nyssa, etc. It’s weird, but not as weird how no one dies in Arrow. Or how almost every character turns into a badass. This trailer looks really fun though. I heard Arrow will go back to its season 1 and 2 roots which makes me really happy. The first 2 seasons were amazing and this news makes me happy as much as this clip.

I’m glad to see the show is taking a break form the horrendous Olicity relationship that was distracting for every guy watching. Here are the panels if you’re interested.

Preacher, iZombie & Lucifer

I don’t watch any of these shows for good reasons. I first want to finish reading Preacher to later watch the show. I do not like iZombie and Lucifer is appearently very different from its original source, but someone I trust said despite being different the series becomes very good as it goes along. I will just give you all the content below and don’t spoil anything in the comments for me from Preacher or Lucifer. iZombie you can spoil.

This was probably my longest part yet so if you got finished reading all that thank you for joining me and have a great day! Tomorrow we are unveiling the winner of who won the movie category, who won the TV category and who won overall! Join me tomorrow!


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