Who Won San Diego Comic-Con? Part 3 – DC Movie Recap

This is the third part of Who Won San Diego Comic-Con? mini-series. Last two parts we talked about Marvel’s presence at Comic-Con through the movie and TV divisions. Today we will focus on the DC movie side of things.


Warner Bros. Pictures

Unlike Marvel, DC doesn’t have their own independent studio which is why DC property films are distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Suicide Squad

This film is coming to theaters in very short and I am ignoring any more official footage from the film. I feel like even if I watched this my judgment wouldn’t change at all because I wasn’t the only on who had the need to skip this one, but if you want check it out.

After I see the movie, I’ll come back and see this for myself. We also saw a panel for Suicide Squad which was fun to watch. We got the entire crew on the stage like Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and others. In part 1 I was talking about Marvel getting talent for their movies and this movie happens to have all the hot people today.

The energy was up the roof on the panel probably because the movie is just around the corner. Everyone should be excited for what is to come and in the comments tell me when you will see Suicide Squad.

Wonder Woman

The 2nd DC Film that Warner Bros. is pushing hard this year is the new Wonder Woman movie. If ‘Wonder Woman movie’ isn’t enough to make you want to see the movie there is this trailer.

On the day this trailer came out I was liking it, but my preference of this video grew more. Now, every time I see this trailer I wanna watch it again. That’s how much I liked it! It had awesome action scenes and the cinematography is beautiful!!!! The film’s colors just pop out. I love how the Paradise Island, Themyscira looks bright and astounding, but the world of men looks dark. Patty Jenkins will do an amazing job with this movie. I love Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman, but she didn’t have much to do. This movie will truly show us if she is capable of acting with range. I am concerned about this slightly, but surely.

It was another fun panel to watch. We got to hear more from the queen herself, Hippolyta. This Wonder Woman event made me very excited for the movie and that means it did its job.

Justice League

What can I say? Theatrical cut of Batman v Superman was okay and very underwhelming. Zack Snyder (director) got a lot of slack for the film, which I never understood. Sure, there were some silly stuff in the mo-MARTHA!!!! Excuse me. That came out of nowh-WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME!!!! Ehem! Excuse me. As I was saying there was silly stuff in the movie, but I would blame that on the script writers. The editing was Snyder’s fault, but when I saw the Ultimate Edition the film became better in quality.

Many call this a trailer, but let’s face it, it’s footage. I don’t believe the movie is as ‘bright’ as this video shows us for it to be, but it got a lot of ‘DC should be more light-hearted’ people to stay silent for a while. We got cool shots of the team, saw Cyborg’s decent suit, and Flash’s costume which I hated at first, but then someone told me it is inspired by Injustice. I agreed with that statement and looked at the suit a bit differently. Also Flash will have a different suit in his standalone film.

The panel’s length will obviously expand next year as the main focus of this Comic-Con was Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman. For what we got we saw a little bit of our heroes for next year. I love the awkwardness when Zack Snyder came in. It was so funny to see him try to be cool, but come out dumb. It goes like this, if Justice League is bad he will get all the blame. If Justice League is good Geoff Johns will get all the praise.


We got this sick looking image. Batman’s suit looks really good. Minor enhancements from the previous suit, Aquaman’s armor looks awesome and Superman is about crack a smile. I don’t mind my heroes dark or light. I just want a good movie, is all.

I think this is very worth seeing. We hear all the directors speak on stage. Here I also feel bad for Zack Snyder because he has all those glaring mad eyes on him. Rick Famuyiwa talked highly of the Flash and I can’t wait to see his take on him. Ben Affleck was confirmed for The Batman, but the director I am most waiting for is James Wan. His The Conjuring are so good because he is a master at atmosphere. What better director to get to establish an underwater city of Atlantis if not him? Warner Bros. got very talented people for the job which is so exciting. This might sound weird but I am glad they got a black director for the Flash. It’s good to hear they didn’t put him for Cyborg because I think it says a lot. Some would say Ryan Coogler, although a talented director got the job for Black Panther because he was black. They tried getting a director of Selma before him so I do see where they are coming from, but it is so good to see this director direct a Barry Allen film.

This was my little two-cents on the DC movie division and tomorrow we’ll look at their TV shows presentations. Friday will be the verdict of who won won San Diego Comic-Con 2016.




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