Who Won San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Part 2 – Marvel TV Recap

Welcome to part 2 of my recap at the entire Comic-Con this year! In part 1 we looked at the entire Marvel Studios panel and now we have to do the same with the television part. Tomorrow we’ll take a look at DC films, Thursday will be DC TV and on Friday will be our over all verdict.


Since Fox didn’t have any presence at Comic-Con this year with their films, their TV show(s) will be included into the Marvel TV umbrella.

Marvel Television

Luke Cage Season 1

As a guy who enjoyed season 1 of Daredevil, and liked season 2 I wasn’t completely on the show’s ‘train of hype’, for the lack of a better word, because to me the Daredevil was just good. Jessica Jones cam out and it was just mediocre. When I watched the trailer for Luke Cage for some reason I was excited the way I never was for the trailers of the previous Netflix Marvel shows.

It’s crazy because I seem to be most excited about this series now, when back when the Defender TV shows were announced I thought this one was gonna be the least interesting one. The actor seems like a great fit, liked what I saw of him in Jessica Jones. This show will not take place in Hell’s Kitchen, but Harlem. Luke Cage will have a 90s soundtrack with itself so it’ll be interesting how they will incorporate that as part of the movie.

I was surprised to find out Misty Knight was in this thing and after hearing the entire panel talk about this one made me really excited. When I saw trailers or panels of Daredevil I would lie to myself if I didn’t say I wasn’t let down. I can’t wait for Luke Cage!

Iron Fist Season 1 & Daredevil Season 3

Iron Fist was always an interesting character and when his casting was announced you couldn’t help yourself, but be excited. Although a teaser, it is big enough to tickle your excitement bone.

This Danny is a bit darker from what I usually read with the character, but people should always be willing for a change if something could make sense. To not go on about one thing Netflix also showed us a tiny teaser trailer for Daredevil season 3. Not much, but it confirms we’ll get one probably late next year.

And that’s that.

Defenders Season 1

Now to top it all off with the Netflix announcements Marvel Television gave another tiny look at the Defenders.

This is really nothing, but again it hasn’t started shooting so building excitement by showing something is good for Marvel to do. I like how the trailer shaped the words ‘Defend’ with different fonts inspired by all their shows. Very nice touch. Now how will this all work? Iron Fist will probably come out in March 2017, Defenders will come Fall 2017, Daredevil season 3 march 2018, JJ season 2 fall 2018? Seems like a bit slow schedule for Marvel Netflix because the shows are really spaced out, but hopefully they will be able to figure things out nicely. I wonder who the main threat will be that will bring the heroes together. Some say it’s the Hand, but Matt already defeated them with help, but it was still done. Unless the Hand becomes stronger. Now the clip below was very nice to see.

Punisher coming on the stage! What a cool highlight that must of been! Now the question, with the busy schedule for Marvel Television how the hell do they fit in that solo Punisher series? Again, good luck Marvel with talking to Netflix and hopefully it allowing you to create 3 shows a year.

Agents of SHIELD

For an okay show that progressively got better I am now excited for season 4 of Agents of SHIELD. The air time has moved from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. I like this move because it will fit with the notion that TV will be a dark tone for Marvel while movies will be a lighter one. But mature doesn’t make it better! I just think darker themes could be what the show needs. That isn’t the only reason we should be excited.

That’s right! Ghost Rider is coming to Agents of SHIELD!!!! I am super excited by this part of news. This Ghost Rider will follow Robbie Reyes and not Johnny Blaze, but any Ghost Rider is a Ghost Rider. The difference here is that this Ghost Rider is much younger and drives a car instead of a motorcycle and looks a bit different. I always thought Johnny Blaze was a bit dry as a character, anyway.

Comic book design

Agents of SHIELD season 4 might finally make it easier for me to say that it will be a good show. Season 3 was starting to be good, but then it scaled it back and towards the end got good, but then at the very end it got disappointing. It’s complicated, but I am now really excited for what is to happen in this side of the universe.


This one came out of the left field. No one was expecting this trailer to drop. I was excited when they first announced Legion, then it was said that it won’t take place in the same universe as X-Men which was weird because Legion is Professor X’s son. If you decide to put that past yourself you will enjoy this trailer.

I liked this trailer for how confusing it was. There was a lot thrown at you and just like the Doctor Strange trailer from Comic-Con, it wowed me. I didn’t expect it to, but Legion’s power here displayed very nicely. The production value looks really good and at times it looked like a movie. Very nice thing FX will have going on here.

That it it for the all the Marvel TV shows showcased at San Diego Comic-Con. Join me tomorrow where we visit the DC movie realm and recap that.


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