SDCC: New Justice League FOOTAGE!!!

OMG! More stuff! I missed this so here go! This just dropped!

Read SDCC 2016: Justice League & Wonder Woman Trailer before this. Let’s talk about it. I do not like Flash’s suit one bit, but the actor seems perfect for the character!!! He may not look like Barry Allen but he seems like a funny character which adds a lot to the movie with its more darker tone. Wonder Woman looks good, Batman looks good, Cyborg’s suit is weird. His body armor looks like a garbage truck, but condensed to smaller use. Now, Aquaman. Weird how in my first post I talked highly for my anticipation of Jason Momoa as Aquaman, but after seeing this footage I am not impressed. I was scared they were going to do this to my 3rd favorite superhero! They made him just an angry dude with no personality. I hope we see trailers with more character for him in the future. These are my overall thoughts.

If I had to rank all the stuff I’ve from Warner Bros./DC it would be:

  1. Justice League Footage
  2. Wonder Woman Trailer
  3. Justice League Image


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