SDCC 2016: Justice League & Wonder Woman

Hey guys! Let’s recap the DC Film portion of San Diego Comic-Con today! Let’s start with the brand new Wonder Woman trailer!

The trailer is pretty good. I loved Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman, she was the best part, but she was only there for little screen time. This will show us if the actress, Gal Gadot can really carry her own film and a character that has a lot of levels. I thought this was a cool trailer setting-up the story and plot. It shows us the classic Wonder Woman story and some sick looking action shots. I can’t wait for this this movie. I am hoping Gal will slay as the character.

Now, the Justice League! DC has shown a new image.


You probably saw it at the top, but let’s talk about. Same thing here, I really like the image we see, but not love it. Although Aquaman doesn’t appear like his traditional version I can’t wait for Jason Momoa to play him. He looks really cool even if it’s different. Batman has a slightly different suit, Wonder Woman has the same hot suit. Cyborg looks neat, Superman looks cool and Flash looks bad. I said it. You know you have a problem when Flash looks more like a cyborg than Cyborg. HUUUUGE PROBELM! I’m laughing at the fact the photo looks brighter and more ‘hope-like’ to give the League a slight brighter tone than BvS. The studio is really trying to course correct themselves. I never thought the darker tone was the problem in Batman v Superman just the script and editing, but a brighter League shouldn’t bother anyone.

As for Suicide Squad I am ignoring anything from that movie because we’re getting it in less than a week!

So, overall I like what I am seeing here. Very cool looking stuff (except for Flash), but again, nothing amazing or jaw dropping. Can’t wait for the Marvel Studios panel tonight! See ya! And follow my blog.


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