SDCC 2016: Venom Deadpool & Shakespool

Wade Wilson will honor the great William Shakespeare by becoming Shakespool this October in Deadpool #21 which will be an over-sized issue! Here is the official solicit and the variant covers.

When: October 2016
Shakespeare covers by MIKE MAYHEW & JANET K. LEE

You can’t keep a good Madcap down! First, this massively oversized issue brings you the return of Deadpool’s greatest nemesis. He’s back (in the most horrific way possible) and he’s out for revenge! Then, say hello to SHAKESPOOL, THE MERCENARY OF VENICE as Deadpool goes Shakespeare for an all-new 60-page tale by Ian Doescher (William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series). Those old plays you were supposed to read in English class just got a lot more interesting. Don’t say we never taught you anything!

SDCC: Deadpool's Going Shakespeare in an Oversized Special Issue This Fall SDCC: Deadpool's Going Shakespeare in an Oversized Special Issue This Fall SDCC: Deadpool's Going Shakespeare in an Oversized Special Issue This Fall

I am really looking forward to this even though I am not a hardcore Deadpool fan. It’s going to be so funny, you can tell by the premise alone.There is one more important news I have to tell. Deadpool is getting a new 5-issue mini-series called, Deadpool: Back in Black written by by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Salva Espin . 

The story takes place after the Venom symbiote attached itself to Spider-Man. Once it detached itself from Peter Parker it didn’t go to Eddie Brock, but to Deadpool, first. That is huge news right?! BleedingCool was the one to break the Scoop couple days before San Diego Comic-Con, except they weren’t! The true website to reveal this news was….well this site. I’m serious. A year ago actually.

A year ago I reported this huge change happened in the comic book world, but everyone just disregarded it as an unimportant story that would become irrelevant. I didn’t! You can check out the original SCOOP! Deadpool Changed a Huge Part of Spider-Man’s History. And sure, maybe I didn’t exactly predict he would get his own series, but you gotta give me credit for at least that. Beware! Super pre-mature writing is in there.

Now tell me what you think in the comments, like the post, follow my blog and etc. I would so appreciate it!



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