SDCC 2016: Black Panther Brand New Ongoing

The new #1 Black Panther comic book has sold more than Batman #1 this year which is no surprise why Marvel wants a second ongoing series. I got no problem with 2 ongoing comics about one particular character as long as we get different writers for the job. Sadly, this isn’t the case because Coates returns, but this time with a co-writer Roxane Gay. So Coates will be overseeing the series, which means he won’t  be necessarily writing/co-writing every issue. World_of-Wakanda_by_Afua_Richardson

The reassuring thing is that this will give more spotlight to the supporting characters such as ex-Dora Milaje duo Ayo and Aneka (Dora Milaje of course being an all female guards in Wakanda).  The comic will be called Black Panther: World of Wakanda. I always thought despite the huge world of Wakanda Black Panther never had an interesting supporting cast of characters. It seems that Ta-Nehsi Coates will try to change that. Good things are coming from the series. It is not purely written by just Coates and it will focus more on newer characters.



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