Black Adam vs. Beta Ray Bill – Marvel vs. DC #28

The character of Black Adam was requested so I found a perfect pick and his name is Beta Ray Bill. Keep suggesting more battles and I’ll try to do as many as possible. P.S. I am working on an interesting project recently and I can’t wait to share it. All I’ll say is it is in a video format.

Origin: Black Adam

When his people of Kahndaq were being enslaved the Wizard realized the pure heart of  Teth-Adam that made him worthy of the power of SHAZAM. He saved his people, but the power overtook him and turned Teth cruel. He became Black Adam and once the council of magic that bestowed him the powers, found out about this they locked him up for 5 millennia. He returned to modern day because….er….magic.

  • Identity: Black Adam
  • Alter Ego: Teth-Adam
  • Occupation(s): Supervillain
  • Team Affiliations:  Black Marvel Family, Justice Society of America, Injustice Society, Suicide Squad, The Society, Monster Society of Evil


Origin: Beta Ray Bill

While on his way to destroy Asgard, Surtur, destroyed the Burning Galaxy. The race known as Korbinites chose a guardian that would protect the kind named, Beta Ray Bill. He would pick up Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, deeming him worthy, after encountering the hero. After a common misconception the two teamed-up and Odin gave Beta Ray Bill a hammer of his own to later successfully defeat Surtur.

  • Identity: Beta Ray Bill
  • Alter Ego: Bill
  • Occupation(s): Superhero, guardian
  • Team Affiliations: Omega Flight, Annihilators, Thor Corps


Powers & Abilities: Black Adam

  • Stamina of Shu – no need for sleep, breathe, eat nor drink; healing
  • Swiftness of Heru – Mach 500 on Earth and sub-light speeds in space
  • Stength of Amon – strength matching Superman & Shazam; held his own fighting the Justice League, Justice Society, Teen Titans
  • Wisdom of Zehuti
  • Power of Aton – flight, electricity, lighting, magic casting
  • Courage of Mehen – blocks mind control and psychic attacks


Powers & Abilities: Beta Ray Bill

Cyborg of the Karbinite allows him to match Asgardian levels:

  • Super Strength – matches that of Thor, Hulk, Hercules
  • Durability – survive a hit capable of shattering a planet
  • Stormbreaker Hammer – control over weapon, 1 million ton strength (can shatter mountains and planets), travel light speed in space
  • Teleportation
  • Tracking
  • Energy Absortion and Projection
  • Weather Manipulation
  • Minor Healing
  • Force Fields – withstand strikes of Stardust
  • Gladiator Training – matching Thor fighting skills


In the desert of Kahndaq Black Adam looks around the setting. He hears a sound, turns around and sees Beta Ray Bill standing in front of him. The canon boom goes off and at the sound of it Beta Ray Bill throws his Stormbreaker hammer, Black Adam tries to catch but the hammer pulls him back to the ground. Bet Ray Bill jumps for a punch and hits Black Adam down. Black Adam screams, “Shazam!” and the lightning hits Beta Ray Bill’s force field around him. Adam gets up, hits Ray Bill away. Black Adam yet again insists on picking up the hammer but can’t. Black Adam tries to lift it and he finally picks it up!?Then the hammer hits him in the face and retrieves back to Beta. It appears Adam wasn’t actually holding the hammer, but it was Bill who was controlling the weapon psychically only making it appear like it was Adam lifting it. Black Adam then shoots lightning from his hands at Beta Ray Bill. Ray Bill has his force field on, then he takes quick flight towards Black Adam but the Kahndaquian reacts and also begins heading straight at Ray Bill. The two come to a colliding point, Bill goes for a strike with a hammer while, Black Adam dodges and chokes Bill. Bill drops his hammer and counters the attack. The two begin a hand to hand battle where Bill blocks Adam’s attacks, then the hammer hits Black Adam from behind. Beta Ray Bill uses the Stormbreaker to hit Adam away then he calls down a huge lightning hitting Black Adam down burning him. “A worthy opponent you were. But not matching Stormbreaker and I” says Beta Ray Bill. Black Adam rises and shoots electricity while closing in on his opponent, but Beta Ray Bill has his force fields into use once again. Black Adam focuses and says something out loud. The force field is gone? Black Adam hits Ray Bill with his full on speed, catches him by the throat and screams, “Shazam. Shazam! SHAZAM! SHAZAAM! SHAZAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!!” On that day lightning stroke more than twice in the same spot.

Let me explain what happened at the end. The new incarnation of Black Adam can cast magic spells and this trick was able uncover the force fields temporarily leaving our favorite horse faced hero more vulnerable. Beta Ray Bill does possess healing, but it’s minor and even a power of this much force wouldn’t have Bill heal instantly. Durability here should also be taken less into consideration for Bill when just one lightning strike can knock Superman and Shazam down to their knees. Black Adam on the other hand has rapid healing. Case in point, he was once shot with a bullet made out of the Rock of Eternity, he took it out and healed instantly. Durability wise, a spacial tesseract bomb un-phased him and it was meant to turn his insides out. The man can withstand a lot, and when he is damged/injured he heals it off like nothing. Beta Ray Bill did get the upper hand in close up, but that ended up not stacking up with Black Adam’s feats.


Next time: “If you like it put a ring on it” (for reals this time, unless someone makes a request). Join me next week with the world’s most arrogant villains.











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