SDCC 2016: ‘Mega Princess’ a New Stereotype-Killing Series

For all ages comic focuses around a little princess who on the 10th Birthday gains the powers of every Princess ever. That might sound fun when you can now sing beautifully, be graceful, speak to animals, look royal, but not when you wanna be a detective.  SDCC: BOOM! Studios' "Mega Princess" to Solve a Royal Mystery With Princess Power

The series will be written by the new Hawkeye writer, Kelly Thompson who will be writing for Boom! Studios’ imprint, KaBOOM! (I can’t wait when Boom! teams up with Dynamite comic to announce an imprint called ‘Boom! There Goes the Dynamite’) with art by Brianne Drouhard. Mega Princess comes out this November.mega princess2

Boom! is another one of those comic book publishers with quick and raising popularity in the business. This sounds like an Eisner-type series that is gonna try to destroy that princess stereotype. I will definitely check this out. How about you? Are you going to look into the series?



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