Marvel NOW! Analysis Final Part

Welcome to my final installment of my Marvel NOW! coverage. Thank you for joining me here. It is time we look into the future of the Marvel Universe!

58. Captain Marvel #1The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

After the events of Civil War II Carol Danvers will be the most popular superhero in the world! People will love her and some will hate her. It feels like Marvel decided to put out a spoiler out telling us she won the Civil War. Stohl is a book writer and although that is a nice choice, I could care less about this series. You wanna know when was the last time she got a new #1? This year’s March (2016). In 2017 she will get a brand new series just because she has a shift in character. I am hugely against such rapid #1-revamps. I also don’t like Carol Danvers as a character anymore. The moment she shifted from Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel, she became more serious, arrogant and wasn’t consistent with her own character. A MUST SKIP.

59. Doctor Strange and the Sorceress Supreme #1The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

When I first heard of this series I thought Stephen Strange would be recruiting new Sorcerers of Supreme, but it turns out he will be grouping magicians from every lifetime. That sounds much more cooler and less cliche. But for what reason will they have to team up? Could the devil in the background suggest it’s Mephisto in his redesign? Who’s eyes are those at the top? I am not a huge Dr. Strange sweaty so you might wanna help me out here. A MUST READ.

60. Doctor Strange #12The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

It looks like Dr. Strange’s rogues gallery is back to haunt him (or should I say hunt?😎). The big one is Dormammu with his flaming head. You do not wanna mess with this A-Level Threat! We have Baron Mordo in his green and pointy outfit. The green eye could be Shuma-Gorath and the hooded man could be Kaecilius. The guy on the horse is Nightmare and the lady devil could be Mephista,according to my research. Stephen has hurt hands in the image so could this mean the comic takes place in the past? I hope all of these villains will team-up against Stephen because who doesn’t love a villain team-up? Either way it’s Jason Aaron so A MUST READ.

60. Black Widow #7The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

Holy crap, A MUST READ!!! I am currently following this series and it is the greatest spy story ever. Mark Waid and Chris Samnee are geniuses! And Smanee’s art? Ah! Perfect! This is the best working duo in modern industry and I hope they get an Eisner Award for this, but probably won’t because huge award groups don’t really award more mainstream comics. If you are not reading this and Vision then what are you doing?!!?! I know what happens in this comic since I am keeping up with the series, so I won’t spoil it for everyone. Please read it! #5 is coming today and I am pumped to read it. READ IT!!!

61. Moon Knight #10The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

It looks like Moon Knight’s personality disorder is back. I see the modern Moon Knight there, Mr. Knight, classic Moon Knight and plenty of other ones. I hope Lemire actually gets a chance to play with all the different personalities. It would be hard to pull off, but Lemire has history of pulling off the impossible. A MOREDATE READ.

And that’s it. Marvel NOW! 2.0 prepares itself to be an interesting time for fans. I hope they have plenty of success with all of their titles, especially the new ones. Tomorrow will be Day 0 of San Diego Comic-Con. This means a spam of news will come out, heck news already came out. Since there will be 20 different comic stories to talk about by the end of the week I will report a SDCC 2016 posts every day instead of top Comic Stories of the Week. Think Top Comic Stories of the Day. I will create a new category entitled SDCC 2016 to prepare you for the awesomeness to come! Stick to ComicBooger for all of the important coverage at SDCC 2016.



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