Marvel NOW! Analysis Part 9

I’m back with my Marvel NOW! analysis. Took a weekend break with them so that you and I wouldn’t get bored, but if you’re joining us just now and wanna read more go to my search bar and write ‘Marvel now analysis’. But first let’s go into the comedic world of the MU.

48. Cage! #1The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

This one is the most interesting of them all. This comic will take time in the 70’s so I believe it will be very funny, but still have a message about racism in a very settle way. I talked about this series earlier and once a preview page was shown I declared this to be huge around the awards season in 2017. I am still betting on that. This will take time during Christmas and I love me some Christmas movies (unless they’re overplayed during the Christmas-season) and fingers crossed for a similar tone. A MUST READ for me!

Looks amazing!

49. Iron Fists #1 The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

Remember when I said Marvel NOW! will bring you double of every hero? Same holds true to this. I am not all crazy on the way Marvel will make 2 similar characters, but I do like how diverse they’re trying to be. The girl is clearly an Asian character with a pet dragon. I see Marvel went after the “little kid with a pet animal as their sidekick” harmless stereotype. Will Danny have to teach this girl tricks of his own? If you look at the dragons’ fire, you can tell it is the same color as Iron Fists’ auras. I don’t read that many comedic comics which is why this will be A MODERATE SKIP.

50. Power Man & Iron Fist #10The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

A MUST SKIP and when I say that it’s not “I WILL NEVER READ THIS!!!”. It just means it won’t be on my hit list unless I read the others ones first, or if someone recommends it. There is plenty of interesting stuff here, like Black Cat, who seems to be in every Marvel NOW! story, bigger team with possibly new Cloak? And more people that look weird. They remind me of that Asian cooperation from Netflix’s Daredevil season 1.

51. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #16The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

Although I hate Squirrel Girl so much, this would be A MUST SKIP, but this comic got an Eisner nomination which has to say a lot. I will follow this series when I finish with other ones, so now this is A MODERATE READ. She is the worst character ever, but if she is capable of having  a quality comic, I will give it her the benefit of the doubt. By the way, you gotta love the Superman reference.

52. Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat #11The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

Look! It’s Black Cat, again. Does Marvel even know what to do with the character? It seems every time she appears in modern comics it’s all pointless. Hellcat is a character Marvel seems to finally find a direction for. Jubilee appears in the comic, too which is cool, but I don’t really care about this. A MUST SKIP.

53. Gwenpool #7The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

Gwenpool is another success from the… Gwen-franchise? I don’t know what to call it. Anyway, I get why you would be interested in this, but not me. This is A MUST SKIP, but I do wanna point out Gwenpool is sitting in a M.O.D.O.K. suit so that could be a funny read. I’m sure Marvel is planning Iron Gwen, Captain Gwen. Call me interested when Marvel tries to be ballsy and create Super-Gwen, Bat-Gwen, Wonder Gwen or Gwen Lantern.

Ok, this is it for this part of my analysis. If you wanna read the previous parts do what I told you at the top. More parts will come in near future and I hope you enjoy my Marvel NOW! analysis, here at ComicBooger (follow me).



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